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.lead { A street savvy kid that turned his love for gambling into taking business risks in the digital music business, get aquatinted with C.KHiD today. Rising on iTunes Hip Hop 2010 music sales charts, his fan base is exploding. Fans on-line have pushed C.KHiD music video “I Want This World” so much BET, VH1, and MTV Jams decided to air it. From Youtube to national tv, his new Hip Hop music style is changing the face of rap.

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“Great fans that recognize real Hip Hop music are finally being reached by the net. I am thankful for that support. Most people are programmed by whatever radio programming and TV programming says is hot. The internet is a free world for people to discover new hip hop 2010. It is inspiring every time artists like Wiz Khalifa, Currensy, or Chamillionaire break new Hip Hop songs on the charts,” says C.KHiD.

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