New Hip Hop song “Lodi Dodi” has old school Hip Hop and new school rap fans coming togethor. Rapper and Hip Hop DJ Cris Coke got togethor with hit producer “Big Sergg” for a new hip Hop song the “The Rangers” or “Jabbawockeez” can get busy on. Reinventing the Hip Hop dance scene possibly, the infectious hook and veres are sure to keep the club moving.

“Lodi Dodi is all about the Club life and what I live. I am a music addict. It’s love to see people dancing and having a good time to my music” says DJ Cris Coke.

Lodi Dodi was inspired by the legendary Hip Hop music artist “Slick rick,” who re-invented the culture with his debonaire voice. Fitted to a new age beat, rapper Cris Coke wrote verses he felt described the scene of Hip Hop clubs.

“The song bangs. It gets supported because it’s hot and the Carolina hip hop scene needs to get more exposure. All I know is this new Hip Hop song is a good song,” says Rodrick Rainey, producer of the Lodi Dodi video.

Working the spinning tables in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Los Angeles Cris Coke has been across the United States with music. Touring with G-Unit Records prior to his arrest for a simple gun and drug charge, he continues to push his success in music.

Featuring part of his rap entourage, “PartyStarz” in the new music video, it’s quite entertaining. The Lodi Dodi video also has a comedy skit by comedian “Jus Jeff” where he shows the ‘new school hip hop’ kids how to dance.

New Hip Hop Song “Lodi Dodi” Fuses Old School Hip hop and New School Rap Pics 

Partystarz, part of Cris Coke’s entourage, are part of the entertainment in the Lodi Dodi music video. 

Official video of the new hip hop song Lodi Dodi by Carolina rap artist Cris Coke.