New Hip Hop music Video “How to Get a Record Deal” has been released by Carolina Hip Hop artistC.KHiD today. Breaking the new record to Hip Hop DJs across the US, Carribean, and UK last week the single has added to his building summer buzz. Releasing the new Hip Hop song featuring NC rapper Madame Sabrosa on iTunes Monday, reviews from followers are “thumbs up” all the way on Youtube.

How to Get a Record Deal, a song C.KHiD wrote after seeing supporters ask “Why is he not signed” various times, is more of what the rapper calls Motivational music.

“How to Get a Record Deal is really just another way of me amping people to be successful being themself. I came to the Hip Hop game solo in 2008. No gimmick and being honest in my music, if the top 40 radio charts have my Hip Hop songs programming kids, I want them programmed to win,” says C.KHiD

As the new single “How to Get a Record Deal” climbs up iTunes Hip Hop charts, C.KHiD continues pushing. Planning to release a new song “Yeah Yeah” next week, the rapper says he reacts to real life. Inciting a lot of controversey on a recent WorldStarHipHop video blog of his “Sour Sugar” music video, he’s going to the streets for this video.

“Sour Sugar is a big song to me. Search for it on Youtube if you have not already. Why people hate on me, who knows but they inspired the song Yeah Yeah, so lets see how they like that. The rumors were false and I’m still about to shoot this video in my neighborhood and spots I spent time,” says C.KHiD

New song “Yeah Yeah” will be released for return of C.KHiD’s free Music Monday, May 17th, on Youtube. Download the new Hip Hop song C.KHiD “How To Get a Record Deal” on Itunes or use the link below:

New Music Video How to Get a Record Deal Aims at Viral Video World Pics 

C.KHiD and Madame Sabrosa tag team for new song How to Get a Record Deal. Rappers represent the two sides of the Carolinas, North and South Carolina. 

A capture from the How to Get a Record Deal music video. Madame Sabrosa (picture above), North Carolina rapper on the rise 

RafTV09 from Youtube jumps in the video for a cameo, playing the role of Willie Slick from Backstabber Records