Men In Black III is coming back to movie theatres in 2012! Complete with original stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, the hype is already building around it. Of course the third installment of the alien action-comedy series,this is the first release from the series in almost ten years. For fans that saw the first Men in Black, it has been over 15 years since the original film’s debut.

The original stars of the first two Men In Black films are likely to be on board for their roles. Will Smith has already signed on to play Agent J, and Tommy Lee Jones is in the midst of negotiations regarding compensation for his role as Agent K. Barry Sonnenfeld will be back for a third round directing the film, and the screenplay will reportedly be written by Etan Cohen, who already has one action-comedy behind his belt in the form of Tropic Thunder. Men In Black III is slated to come out on May 25, 2012 and is to be featured in 3D.

Sony company Columbia Picture will be producing the new Men in Black III film. Returning with the original cast of stars, it’s only proper that the company that’s lead the vision of the first two films return as well. Setting the scene for a new chapter of adventures for the Men in Black secret agents, of course the theme of protecting the earth from an alien threat is still their focus.

Previous Men In Black films saw major success from critics, fans, and box office sales. The first Men In Black movie which released in 1997 made a cool $589 million. The follow up in 2002, Men in Black II, totalled a whopping $440 million at box office.

Will Smith remains the most bankable movie star ever. Still the “Hundred Million Dollar man,” it’s expected his new Men In Black III project focus will fetch 3D numbers again.

The name Men In Black was adopted the the film’s namesake comic book, which in turn references the “men in black” of UFO conspiracy theory lore. UFO sighting rumors in popular culture are rife with reports of men in black suits who harass those people claiming to have encountered aliens or seen UFO’s.

The production of Men In Black III yet in its very early stages. Josh Brolin from Milk will also reportedly star in the film.

Will Smith, the Hundred Million Dollar Actor, back for Men in Black 3 Pics 

Picture of Men in Black 3 cast. Will Smith, Tommy Lee, Frank the Pug, and Lara Flynn Boyle