8&9 Clothing alongside Young Money’s Gudda Gudda have released a group of Free Weezy tee shirts along with new rap single “Lock My Ceo Up” featuring Waka Flocka Flame. The concept for the new Hip Hop song came from Lil Wayne during a call he made to Gudda Gudda from Rikers prison. Shooting a video for the “Lock My CEO” song, the official Free Weezy shirts can be seen in the video which releases in August.

The first of the Free Lil Wayne tee shirt designs is inspired by classic movies, cartoons, prison break tactics. Comedic concepts like putting tools into a cake and using them to escape inspired the design. In the Free Weezy Tee, a giant hacksaw is jammed into a celebration cake which symbolizes the welcoming home of Young Money CEO & Artist Lil Wayne.

The second Free Weezy Tee shirt design has a gritty, more institutional feel featuring Lil Wayne smoking a cigarette and showcasing his many tattoos. This shirt is the focus of Gudda Gudda’s Lock My CEO Up video with Waka Flaka.

Both Lil Wayne tee shirt designs by Gudda Gudda and 8&9 Clothing have both company logos printed on opposite sleeves. The 8&9 clothing brand is the the left and Young Money’s YM logo is on the right. Both shirts are available in sizes S-3XL exclusively at http://shop.8and9.com on-line shop.

Fans of all new Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, and You Money music that purchase this tee will get a copy of Gudda’s new mixtape Back 2 Guddaville free .

New Lil Wayne Tee Shirt Debuted By Gudda Gudda and 8&9 Clothing Pics 

Here’s a photo of Gudda Gudda in 8&9 Clothing′s Free Weezy Tee Shirt. He is on the set of the “Lock My CEO Up” music video with Waka Flocka. 

A picture of Short Dawg in 8&9 Clothing′s Free Weezy Tee Shirt. He did a promotional photo shoot for the Hip Hop clothing brand. 

The official Free Weezy Tee Shirt; 1 of 2 made. Features Lil Wayne smoking a cigarette. 

This New Lil Wayne clothing design is sure to catch people’s attention. Hip Hop clothing and streetwear fans will love this classic comedy themed Free Weeezy tee shirt.