New rap music single “Best of Me” by female songstress “E.Black” was downloaded by over 16,000 Ringtone Users today upon release. Featuring rapper C.KHiD, the single was posted on the profile and chosen as “Pick Of The Day.” The debut single of new artist E.Black, it’s a great way to launch her independent music career.

The single ‘Best of Me’ is actually featured on C.KHiD’s “Black Box Dreams 3” mixtape which is free for download until August 21st. A very creative duo, the two artists collaborated efforts to develop the song’s hook. Rhyming and singing, female artist E.Black created the concept for a ‘mystery romance’ song after listening to the instrumental from hitmaker Johnny Juliano.

Reaching 16,000 ringtone downloads, the results of the “Best of Me” song’s release excited all parties involved. C.KHiD joint efforts with ringtone site to test user preferences. The fast downloads proved romance is definitely appreciated by his fans and Myxer users.

“Its amazing whenever you see this many new rap music fans download a ringtone. It was E.Black’s first time recording a record period so this will hopefully get people looking. I’m really appreciative of my fans for downloading and supporting. This song’s got a lot of personal depth, which we all explore at one point,” says C.KHiD of the new rap music song.

Fans can download the “Best of Me” mp3 with new rap mixtape “Black Box Dreams 3.” The new C.KHiD album is free on until August 21, 2010. With 18 tracks your speakers can blast, find more songs featuring E.Black, Fedarro, and skits featuring Youtube comedy artist Clinks.

New Rap Music Single Best Of Me Downloaded By Over 16,00 Ringtone Users Pics 

Here’s a picture of E.Black, taken from her Myspace profile. Follow her on twitter @EBlack_1