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} Rap Beats for the new C.KHiD album “Black Box Dreams 3” are sure to get fans and new comers nodding their head. Teaming with hit record producers Johnny Juliano and BraveStarr Beats, the sound is incredible. Also working with upcoming internet producers, sounds producers from LOS Beats and Crooked T productions complete the album’s versatile vibe. Releasing the album free July 21st,

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“This is like a rap album mixtape. Only a mixtape to me because I’m giving it away free. The music is incredible and all original. I’ve met and studied artists like Wiz Khalifa and Lupe Fiasco who do really well reaching similiar audiences as my own. With the help of Johnny Juliano, Los Beats, BraveStarr, and crew I think this will be a break through moment for me,” says C.KhID of his new album and importance of rap beats.

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