New Lil Chuckee Interview footage for CKHID on-line talks about new Young Money songs, a New Lil Wayne day, and more. The 14 year old rapper from Lil Wayne’s New Orleans home, speaks on how he got signed to Young Money Records, what he lost to the Katrina Hurricane and catastrophic flood, and where he got his name.

An entertainer for sure, Lil Chuckee’s confidence is shining through more and more as he grows. Becoming somewhat of a lady’s (young) man, the 14 year old raper even flirted with the interview host Madame Sabrosa. When she asked how old he was, the rapper says “Age is nothing but an experience” with a laugh and turn of the head.

Interviewed live during the 2010 MAGIC fashion trade show in Las Vegas, Lil Chuckee spoke quite upbeat about a new Lil Wayne day and label’s CEO being released from prison in November 2010. Staying busy himself in the meantime, the rapper says he’s motivated and going to continue releasing videos like “Girl I Got You” feat labelmate Lil Twist and “Already Home.”

“Lil Chuckee has been raised in the entertainment scene and he’s still down to earth. His attitude, if you meet him, will help him excel alongside his talent. Ready to work and still from the bottom, as he grows he is a talent I can see crossing over into things further than the Hip Hop world. A lot of success for the Hip Hop star,” says interview director C.KHiD.

Fans of Lil Chuckee and Young Money can watch the interview hosted by Madame Sabrosa below. A little noise from event visitors watching, fans can still hear everything with great ease.

New Lil Chuckee Interview Discusses New Songs and New Lil Wayne Day Pics 

Looking like Young Money, the new Lil Chuckee is smiling all day everyday. A teen sensation sure to do incredible things as he grows, watch out for him! 

Above watch the new Lil Chuckee interview hosted by Madame Sabrosa for CKHID on-line. Directed by C.KHiD, it’s a brief segment that Lil Chuckee tells all from Young Money to Life.