To learn Hip Hop dance today, you have to be as fast as the internet. New Hip Hop dances break out almost as often as a new artist, because many new rappers think it can help them sell. Two kids from Sacremento, California care not about the music however, they are pure Hip hop dacners. Sons of Sacremento Hip Hop dance legend “Mr Moves” aka Drew Williams, they caused ruckus and excitement in Las Vegas’ MGM hotel.

“The younger brother… I think he’s about 10 or 12, looked like Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith and was dancing on the escalator. Another entertainer i was with pointed him out and asked if he would perform. Turns out his whole family were into Hip Hop dance. The kid and his brother were great,” says rapper C.KHiD.

Filming to show fans on Youtube, C.KHiD caught their Hip Hop dance performance on video (seen below). After about 30 seconds of pop locking, floor slides, and other Hiphop moves there was a small crowd and cameras flashing. People from all over the hotel began walking up to watch the short Hip Hop dance performance of Elijah and older teen brother Malik Williams.

When approached about booking the young Hip Hop dancers, their father responded, “You can get in touch with their dad (laugh).. me.. Drew Williams but they called me Mr Moves on the Streets. We relocated here (Las Vegas) from Sacremento recently. Call me at 916-288-5822.”

Malik and Elijah Williams are gearing up for more Hip Hop dance events and creative projects this summer. Training since before their teen years, the two are comparitive to Jaden Smith and Chris Brown.

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Learn Hip Hop Dance 
If You Learn Hip Hop Dance like the kids above, you are certified ready for a video or event. Stopping foot traffic in the MGM casino in Las Vegas, NV, the two brothers Elijah and Malik gave a short show people would pay for anytime else. Luckily, they were just having fun showing their Hip hop dance skills to C.KhID and Madame Sabrosa. 

Watch the video above if you’re a Hip Hop junkie. One might be able to Learn Hip Hop Dance moves from seeing this film over and over.