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font-weight: 200; Underground Hip Hop and New Rap Videos is the life of rapper C.KHiD today. The Greenville, South Carolina native has given his life to music since first singing in 2nd grade. Stepping away from rap music dreams as a focus to chase the ‘all-mighty’ dollar, he returned to his Hip Hop roots nearly 2 years ago to stake claims. Releasing Underground Hip Hop music and rap videos on YouTube, he is back once again with “Bad Chick,” and it’s a bad joint!

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Coming Soon “Bad Chick is straight Underground Hip hop to me. My fans will get it because they are smart. I do not think mainstream will completely get it because it’s actually got something to say. I hope everyone does get it but right now people like Kat Stacks seem to run the headlines and I’m not trying to just be a gimmick,” Says C.KHiD of his new hip Hop video Bad Chick.


A somewhat conscious song, Bad Chick pays homage to the ladies of the world that dig rap, pop, Hip Hop, and other forms of music but keep their class. Giving brute honest in the music, C.KHiD avoids no paths in his creativity saying things exactly how he wants.

“My music is great if you listen. I rap real life and I love using my creativity to supply entertainment. Bad Chicks is an extension of all my thoughts and creativity and I hope positive women and sophisticated audiences love it,” continued C.KHiD.

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