Diddy’s Sean John clothing line has been accused of ripping another company’s design.

Designers of the popular design firm, Pentagram claim that the Sean John “Demons” shirt is a copy of their original design that was used for a poster for the Yale school of architecture. From the picture below, the designs appear to be nearly identical to that of the Yale poster. The only strong difference is the fact that one says “Seduction” and the other says “Sean John”. A few details are slightly different or have been adapted; however, anyone with eyes cannot deny the similarities.

There has not been any update on whether the owners of the design will take legal action but it seems that Sean John is already taking precautions. Since issues have arrived over the Sean John “Demons” shirt the image for the shirt has been removed from the company’s website. If a buyer tries to view the shirt, a message reading, “This preview is in the process of being updated” is displayed. Also, if someone tries to buy the shirt online it appears to be out of stock or unavailable. We are not sure if this is due to the current accusations or if the shirt just really did sell out. It was on sale for a low $9.79 so the coincidence is possible.

“Demons’ T-shirt by Sean John is a shocking rip off of Marian Banties’s work for Yale Architecture,” said Pentagram via Twitter.

Marian Banties and Michael Biernt are the Pentagram designers that created the original design.

Sean John Clothing Brand Accused of Stealing Yale School Design Pics 

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