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New Jay Z Songs taste great to Buffalo Boss Chickens owner Jamar White. The Brooklyn, New York restaurant owner takes pride in knowing the Roc Nation CEO enjoys his famous chicken shack and become an investor in the brand. It looks like Jay Z really isn’t afraid to play chicken, as he says in the H.A.M. song featuring Kanye West.

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Coming Soon “Jay Z is big business period. He could start up a Roc Nation USB jump drive brand and make millions. he is also investing in the community he came from, another positive ideal,” spoke south Carolina rapper C.KHiD on the Jay Z chicken shack venture.

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A cousin of rapper Jay Z, the Buffalo Boss chicken restaurant owner is no broken dreamer. He takes pride in is food as owner, but also helps operate the business day to day. Expectations for a chain expansion are on the horizon according to Internet sources.

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Sales at the Buffalo Boss Chicken Shack are up 60 percent beginning New Year 2011 great for the duo. Opened recently, the restaurant has been open only about 4 months.


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