WorldStarHipHop, the largest Hip Hop culture blog on the web today was shut down today. What exactly is going on is unknown at this point, as it just vanished. However, approximately 1 hour ago, rap superstar and businessman 50Cent tweeted he shut them down.

“I put WorldStar to bed, you don’t believe; Try me. I will shut your sh*t down,” tweeted Rap mogul 50 cent.

Unknown if this statement is true or not, 50 Cent is known for poking fun with twitter. However, 50 Cent has had legal issues with WorldStarHipHop before as the website used his image as a likeness to help launch the website. While the founder, Q., claims in a interview (click here) that he was once a part of the G-Unit team, it seems things have went sour since due to his alliance with ex-correctional officer turned rapper, Rick Ross.

“I don’t know why people underestimate me. I just shut down WORLDSTAR for future advertising contact suckers,” continued 50 Cent in his tweets about the site being down.

If this rumor is true, this will be a very damaging day for WorldStarHipHop founder, only known as “Q.” to most. He and staff members rely on the website for their career. The group charges every new artist to post on the video blog to maintain it’s operations, becoming the largest Hip Hop blog to date.

WorldstarHipHop Shut Down by Hip Hop Star 50 Cent According to Fifty Pics 

WorldStarhipHop Shut Down says 50 Cents twitter in a boasting way. A truthful guy usually, this is not clarified true or fale but it’s interesting. 

WorldStarhipHop Shut Down, the earliest posts on 50 cents twitter timeline.