New Lil Wayne lawsuit from producer Darius Harrison aka “Deezie” is requesting a lot more than “Young Money” from the YM Boss. The super producer behind hits “Lollipop”, “Mrs Officer”, “Let the Beat Build”, “Whip It”, “Prostitute 2”, and “Action” wants $20 million dollars. Not the best new Lil Wayne news for the rapper to read himself as this piles into a mounting legal debts.

This $20 million dollar lawsuit against Lil Wayne marks the third from unpaid producers to date. Super creative talents Jim Jonson, Bangladesh, and Deezie each have lawsuits pending over prior productions they generated for the Young Money CEO. Theh mounting debts total around $26 million though Bangladesh contests, his issue is not really with Lil Wayne directly.

“This issue about the new Lil Wayne lawsuits is very complex. Bangladesh already spoke to clear his issue over this music was not actually with Lil Wayne, so maybe this is the same. The headlines focus on Lil Wayne because it’s his album but forget theirs major corporations behind it” spoke YouTube Hip Hop sensation C.KHiD on the situation in a quick conversation.

Still continuing strong in the Hip Hop 2011 cycle, the lawsuits have not stopped Young Money Recording Group’s head honcho from staying focused. New Lil Wayne Songs “6 Foot 7 Foot” have topped charts and went viral online, spewing recently signed talent Corey Gunz’ face into the international market.

The new Lil Wayne lawsuit and others mounted are sure to be resolved this year. As Lil Wayne remains focused on music, just as the producers are, fans can expect lots of great new music created by both parties this summer.

New Lil Wayne Lawsuit is More Than Some Young Money, Try $20 Million Dollars Pics 

Above is a new Lil Wayne pic for the site. The sunglasses show is great inner energy artistically. 

Another Lil Wayne picture from the HSBC Arena performance.