New RnB Songs 2011 or 2011 Hip Hop songs, most YouTube users draw clear lines for playlists. Those Youtube playlist titles are used to define what music and mood they are trying to vibe with at the moment. However, new Youtube music video “Feelin You” from C.KHiD, which video playlist does it go under?

“Feelin You was a song I wrote inspired by the weird music mixed with poetics style 2pac and Suzanne Vega used. Even more recently, rapper Drake used the melody of the popular ‘Toms Diner’ song. I dont call it Hip Hop and it’s not really something for the Youtube playlists of new RnB song 2011 exactly. It’s just music,” says C.KHiD of his Feelin You music video.

Though uncategorized by C.KHiD, users have already begun adding the “Feeling You” youtube music video to songs of 2011 playlists. Leaked unannounced to Hip Hop blogs and C.KHiD followers, over 2500 views have been charted.

In other C.KHiD news, new album “Black Box Dreams 5: GOALS” was released on iTunes Tuesday. 18 songs are featured on the album including “Paper Route” featuring Johnny Juliano and “Dream on Dreamer,” an ode to inventors of the world.

New RnB Songs 2011 or 2011 Hip Hop, Where Goes Feelin You? Pics 

Above see a capture from the sexy “feelin you” video fans should add to new RnB Songs 2011 playlists. 

Watch the Feelin You, an RnB Viral video, by C.KHiD.