New Vado songs must be on the way for 2011. The hardworking Dip Set affiliate and front man for “The UN”, has new money on his plate to rework plans. Announcing previously in an interview a deal was on the way, it’s official now, Vado signed to Interscope Records.

“Vado just signed a deal with Interscope,” platinum rap artist Cam’ron announced during a radio interview. “Shout out to DJ and Jimmy Iovine at Interscope; we appreciate that. I’m really excited that he’s getting the opportunity to do his thing on his own.”

Cam’ron announced the new record deal with Interscope because he is the CEO of ‘the UN’ record label which sculpted Vado’s career. Speaking to Angie Martinez exclusively about the business matters surrounding the young Harlem rapper’s career, it’s official higher powers will be stepping behind the new Vado songs of 2011.

Not associated in any way, Vado signing to Interscope marks the second Dip Set involved deal since October. Credible sources revealed the Harlem Diplomats aka Dip Set are coming back togethor under Interscope for their much anticipated reunion album.

Killer Cam’ron, a member of the Dip Set and formerly a member of the Children of the Corn rap crew, spoke of the Dip Set reunion album.

“We [ Dip Set ] working with DJ and Jimmy Iovine to get the deal over there at Interscope done for us as well,” Cam explained. “It’s just a little more intricate, being that everyone is signed to a deal already. Everything’s still going, but we all just had prior obligations. Me and Vado got this Gunz ‘N’ Butta album coming out. Jim [Jones] has a solo album coming out called Capo, and Juelz is working on his mixtape.”

Stay tuned to for new Vado songs and Dip Set mixtapes.


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