Coach K [left] and P [right] of Quality Control Music at The Breakfast Club radio show studio in New York City

Coach K [left] and P [right] of Quality Control Music at The Breakfast Club radio show studio in New York City

Power 105.1’s top radio show brought on one of Hip-Hop top labels today.  The powerhouse behind nearly all of the down south stars in 2019, Quality Control Music, came  on The Breakfast Club to discuss openly a wide array of topics.  As usual DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha god, and Angela Yee  host a very candid conversation about everything going on at ‘QC the Label’ and the artists there. Topics include the shooting involving the car of City Girls’ star,  how Coach K navigated the beef between Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy, and more.

How scary is the beef behind the shooting of City Girl Young Miami’s car?

Of course one of the hottest topics of the hour is the shooting that left the car of City Girls’ member Young Miami, riddled with bullets.  As she exited Circle House studio in her hometown in Florida, her Mercedes G-Wagon was ‘hit up’ from behind.  According to the young southern rap star herself, she did not even see the shooters approaching her car.     In her police report, Young Miami said she only knew where the shots were coming from after bullets hit from behind.

Coach K and P, who aren’t new to rap beef, says the situation is the ‘strangest’ beef they have had and possibly the scariest.   Though they didn’t elaborate on intel they have on the street beef, both the QC Label heads say they could not believe the shooting happened to a female, especially not when pregnant.    Due to the seriousness of the situation, they’ve even asked Young Miami to move away from Miami for a year.

Florida seems to be a serious haven for drama in rap.   Most of the talent coming out of the sunshine state seem to end up in jail or dead, from the latest generations of Hip-Hop artists.  XXXtentacion was murdered in his hometown. Kodak Black is constantly in and out of prison, seemingly fearing some sort of beef, which require him to seek guns.   YNW Melly is in prison for the alleged killing of 2 of his friends and a cop.  The City Girls’ drama just adds to the list.

Gucci Mane dissing Coach K during Jeezy Beef…

Fans of QC the label may not know this but Coach K was doing work with a lot of big artists, before starting Quality Control.  The label executive helped build Young Jeezy before stepping behind Rocko Da Don, and then Gucci Mane.     Just a short time ago, there was a beef between these exact same rappers which left them all looking at Coach K.   Gucci Mane dissed both Rocko Da Don and Young Jeezy.  However, the beef between Jizzle and GuWop was literally, murder beef.   It left 1 man dead, who tried to collect the bounty Jeezy had on Gucci’s chain.  After the incident, the ‘I Get The Bag’ rapper took aim at his former manager.

In the rap song ‘Round 1‘  an artist under Gucci rapped, “I got the hundred round clip, with the mack 10 under my treanch coat, If i don’t find jeezy, I can always catch coach, Poppin all that shit, spreadin he say, she say.”

On the song Birds of a Feather, Gucci Mane also fired another lien.  He rapped, “I still fuck with Coach K but he’s a nerdy motherfucker”

Charlamagne brought the lines up in the interview and the QC Label figures laughed about it. According to Coach K, he understood why it happened, as all’s fair in rap battles and beefs.   He was not engaged in a literal beef, but just caught pellets from a shotgun blast.   Also, not to mention, he highlights he was tight with Rocko Da Don who’s said to have a lot of power in Atlanta.   The one person who pulled up on Gucci Mane as soon as his name was mentioned.

Key to a successful label

A very valuable part of the interview is QC’s talk about how to make a successful music company.

“If somebody just starts back developing talent, until they become a brand, we’ll win,” says Coach K about how he started the label.  The music honcho believes that is what makes rap companies successful in 2019.   Most simply forget to build brands.

Watch the full interview between the Breakfast Club and Quality Control Music group below, here on CKHiD.