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Lil Boosie with son, Tootie Raw

Lil Boosie with son, Tootie Raw

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Oh buddy, let’s hope the ‘Womens Black Mob’ does not strike on this one.  Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie recently sat down with VladTV for an interview about child support.   Within it, he talks about various topics. One quick line however, may get some ‘punch back.’ The Hip-Hop millionaire says he wants a baby boy with a Chinese woman.

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8 Kids And wanting More

Coming Soon If unaware, Lil Boosie is not some sort of self-hating guy.  The truth is in the pudding.’ The rapper has 8 children, all of whom are with women of African descent or Black, as Americans say it.  However he wants 10 kids.

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“I got seven [kids]. I’m trying to make three more though. Yeah, I want 10 kids. I always told me grandmother I’mma have 10 kids. And I have some good sperm. If it drop on your arm, you’re pregnant…I’m three away,” said Boosie Boo on his reproduction plan (more here).


Thus far however, he still has two to go. The names of his children are: Iva Ray, Tarlaysia, Torrence Jr, Michael Jordan, Toriana, Lyric Beyonce, and Iviona.