Lil Boosie with son, Tootie Raw

Lil Boosie with son, Tootie Raw

Oh buddy, let’s hope the ‘Womens Black Mob’ does not strike on this one.  Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie recently sat down with VladTV for an interview about child support.   Within it, he talks about various topics. One quick line however, may get some ‘punch back.’ The Hip-Hop millionaire says he wants a baby boy with a Chinese woman.

8 Kids And wanting More

If unaware, Lil Boosie is not some sort of self-hating guy.  The truth is in the pudding.’ The rapper has 8 children, all of whom are with women of African descent or Black, as Americans say it.  However he wants 10 kids.

“I got seven [kids]. I’m trying to make three more though. Yeah, I want 10 kids. I always told me grandmother I’mma have 10 kids. And I have some good sperm. If it drop on your arm, you’re pregnant…I’m three away,” said Boosie Boo on his reproduction plan (more here).

Thus far however, he still has two to go. The names of his children are: Iva Ray, Tarlaysia, Torrence Jr, Michael Jordan, Toriana, Lyric Beyonce, and Iviona.

All of his eight children bare his last name ‘Hatch.’  Regardless of the problems he has had with 1 of his children mothers in the past [read here], he retains strong relationships with the kids.   Also, the mothers generally seem to carry a solid relationship with Boosie as well.

The ‘situation’ Boosie had with 1 baby mother, arose after he made an exaggerated comment to his daughter for mouthing off.  The rapper allegedly said he would blacken his daughter’s eye. From there, the mother went off. She also took jabs at Boosie until he lost his cool. Afterwards, she uploaded the recorded threats & arguing to social media.

The part that hit a little below the belt, Boosie mocked the death of Rochelle Wagner’s brother, Terry Boyd.   Wagner claimed the ‘Make it To The top’ rapper’s comment implicated him as the killer of her brother, also a rapper, who went by “Nussie.”

Nonetheless, the two have worked out their differences as of now  Boosie appears to be back in touch with his daughter and on peaceful terms.    However, all of his kids can still get a whooping.

Lil Boosie Wants a Chinese Baby Boy From a Woman Really From China

Lil Boosie Wants a Chinese Baby Boy From a Woman Really From China


Lil Boosie Wants Chinese Baby,  Mama From China

After his experience with the baby making in America,  Mr “Wipe Me Down” appears to be done with women here. Afterall, in recent years, rappers have been taken to court for child support as high as $10,000 per month.   In this interview with VladTV, he questions how can a child even need such money.

“Ten thousand, I just feel like that’s excessive,” said Boosie on such high costs for child support.  He elaborates on why such high price tags are wrong, “ A lot of that money really getting misused and used on the women and their lifestyle. I’ma say, f–k it.”

After discussing this, the Baton Rouge artist says he still does not put the money above children. Boosie feels children make his life complete and does not want to stop having kids.  However, he does not want children with American women anymore. Instead, he wants to have a child with a woman from China. Apparently he and DJ Vlad have spoken on this multiple times in the past, as the two poke jokes at Boosie’s goal.  However, the southern musician is serious.  Lil Boosie wants Chinese kids.

“I kinda want another little boy,” says Boosie on his desires for more kids in the new interview.  He continues later, “I don’t know if I’mma have another one though [yet]. I still gotta go across sea to China and sh-t.”

Apparently Boosie wants a Chinese surrogate mother to create his next baby.  Watch the interview below to hear everything.   This is just about as funny as Jeezy’s Balenciaga boots.