Rich Dunk & Freinds Laugh at DaBaby's Nerd Alter-ego In "High School" rap video

Rich Dunk & Freinds Laugh at DaBaby’s Nerd Alter-ego In “High School” rap video


The new Rich Dunk “High School” video is out after the rapper signed to Da Baby’s label Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment.

Da Baby Shares the Spotlight

Rich Dunk plays the popular kid of his high school who bullies the class nerd, Da Baby (who happens to own the label that signed him). The rapper and owner of BDB stands in the school hallway as his classmates point and laugh. He wears tight overalls above his waist and dorky, bright yellow socks. Da Baby further attracts ridicule by holding on with both hands to a tiny orange backpack. During the video Rich Dunk tosses paper balls at Baby as he criticizes posers who fake their ‘streetness’.

Dunk’s popularity gives him the power to continually harass the helpless nerd. Eventually, a busty principal showing large cleavage calls Dunk into her office. But as you’d expect, she ends up walking out of a closet after him, adjusting her bra and skirt. This further gives the rapper credit as the man who’s in charge.

The humor continues as Dunk and another man’s girlfriend go at it beneath some bed sheets. His signature dreads poke through a hole cut in the sheet.

CiCi’s Pizza serves as the place where all the school kids go to eat. Da Baby stands in the kitchen making a pretty careless looking pizza when he spots his bully standing across the buffet. He waves nervously and quickly shields himself from the menacing looking Dunk.

A large girl named ‘Dede’ walks out of the restaurant to chase after a man holding a box of pizza. This is possibly a reference to the movie Next Friday where Baby D chases Day-Day around a car. Day-Day gives the intimidating woman a cookie to calm her down. Likewise, in the video the man pacifies Dede by giving her a slice of CiCi’s pizza.

Passing on the Chain

In the Rich Dunk “High School”video, the rapper wears a golden chain which did not appear in his past videos. The chain has the letters BDB ENT, the initials to Da Baby’s label. A recent video shot during their tour in Hawaii shows Da Baby presenting Dunk with the chain. This is a tradition started by Dame Dash who awarded his chain to the newest signee at his label Rocafella records.

Recent Brawls

The ending credit bloopers show Da Baby on the floor after having just gotten beat down by Dunk. This is possibly a reference to a recent video showing Da Baby standing over fellow rapper Cam Coleheart in a mall. Coleheart lies on the floor in his underwear and with a bloody nose, presumably beat up by Baby.

The video’s directors, The Fly Family, have also directed Shedezzy’s Shoebox video and Chris Marquis’ Phases.

Da Baby’s growing label has only signed rappers from North Carolina, and both rappers are from the city’s capital, Charlotte. Before the Rich Dunk “High School”video, the rapper released a short song titled “As of Today.” The video which came out in July celebrates his signing to BDB Entertainment and he talks about leaving the streets for his music career.