C.KHiD looking at his watch, anticipating new songs for 2019

C.KHiD looking at his watch, anticipating new songs for 2019


If you’re lucky enough to have a Spotify subscription (Premium or otherwise), and consider yourself a curious fan of new rap music, then you should go online and search ‘C.KHiD.’ The South Carolina-born rapper, who a few years ago was a definite rising star on YouTube, seemed to vanish from the music scene for a few years. It now seems that the rapper is finally back on the Hip-Hop grind. The rapper has recently leaked two brand new tracks without any promotion for the summer of 2019. You can find the tracks on various streaming platforms, including YouTube and Spotify.

2 New Songs of 2019

The two new tracks are respectively titled ‘IYKB’ and ‘Las Vegas.’ With an upbeat flow and new, polished lyrics, the rapper has retained his American roots while advancing what has always been a clear, distinctive sound.  With varying styles between the two tracks, the rapper shows a clear knowledge of production style. With an upbeat sound on ‘Las Vegas,’ the track brings a feeling of real baller status, while his more personal track, ‘IYKB,’ showcases an intimate feel featuring a lo-fi sound.

According to  various hip hop blogs that cover new music, the ‘Las Vegas’ beat was arranged by Dopant Beats, a producer signed with Atlantic Records. His other single was mastered by Amusan C, an up and coming music artist originally from Indiana – according to C.KHiD’s Instagram. Additionally, it is rumored that veteran production collaborator Dres’more handled the final mastering and engineering of the two tracks.

When trying to put the two songs into a certain hip hop genre, both ‘bounce rap’ and old school hip hop come to mind. While foregoing the trap genre, the tracks remain fresh and new, and are well situated in the 2019 music scene. These tracks are easily imagined in any music festivals this summer.


Left to Right: C.KHiD, 88 Keys (producer), Ronnie Devoe of Bell Biv Devoe, and Carlos 'Dresmore' Paez (producer/engineer)

Left to Right: C.KHiD, 88 Keys (producer), Ronnie Devoe of Bell Biv Devoe, and Carlos ‘Dresmore’ Paez (producer/engineer)

After a long hiatus from rap music?

Unfortunately, it’s unknown whether or not these tracks will be performed live anytime soon. C.KHiD has remained completely silent regarding whether he is truly making a return to music or not.

After leaving quite a mark on the rap scene, C.KHiD took a years-long hiatus from the music industry. He didn’t remain completely inactive during this break, recording the music videos for COLG, Rich Life Forever, and Me on the tropical paradise of the Dominican Republic – where it’s rumored that the rapper has a family.

In addition to the DR, the rapper’s Instagram stories also highlight the rapper’s journeys to Central Europe. It seems that he spent many months living abroad in Hungary, Croatia, and even Italy. Many photos were taken of the rapper during this time, which show him visiting these countries. Some of these pictures eventually turned into updated album covers for two of his albums – the album artwork for “Black Box Dream 3” shows C.KHiD against the Budapest skyline, a trademark symbol of Hungary. The artwork for the album “Black Box Dreams 5” places the rapper on the famous Positano Beach, a historic feature of Italy’s Amalfi Coastline. This stretch of coastline is known in rap culture, partially due to Jay-Z’s brief mentioning of the beach in his bars on his wife Beyonce’s track “Upgrade You.” The power couple have been spotted cruising along the Italian coast before, and it was clearly something worth remembering.


If you’re interested, you can find C.KHiD’s new songs of 2019, in addition to plenty of his older stuff on Tidal, Spotify, and other streaming services. He has a long track record of hit tracks, with a recently removed album, ‘New Rap Songs,’ garnering the most listens of any of his works on streaming services so far.

The only rappers since C.KHiD from South Carolina to make major marks on the internet scene are Blacc Zacc, Speaker Knockers, and BoutADollar Butta (see here).

Watch a throwback music video from the “IYKB” rapper below. It did over 3-million YouTube views.    Find links to the new songs of 2019 in the story above.