Trae The Truth Sits With His New Swamp Chicken Sandwich, Competition for PopEye's Sandwiches

Trae The Truth Sits With His New Swamp Chicken Sandwich, Competition for PopEye’s Sandwiches

Trae the Truth is known for many things including a successful rap career, widespread philanthropic efforts, and now… chicken? You read that right, and the Trae the Truth Swamp chicken sandwich is now available for hungry fans. But you’ll have to go to Texas to get it.

Trae recently posted a picture of himself behind a tray of fried chicken sandwiches covered in honey from Swamp Chicken. As a caption he wrote: “One of The Best Chicken Sandwiches Hands Down.” The ‘The Truth’ Sandwich is as simple as its competitors from Chick-fil-A and Popeye’s. This one, however, includes a fried chicken thigh drizzled with honey between two steamed buns with a mayonnaise mixture.

The restaurant’s website lists its only location in Richmond, Texas, just a short drive from Trae’s hometown of Houston. Chicken sandwiches are hot right now since Popeye’s caused a craze after releasing its own sandwich earlier this year.


Homemade: Swamp Chicken Sandwich

Swamp Chicken’s owner is also Trae the Truth’s personal chef. After preparing the rapper a ‘special’ chicken sandwich, they decided to share their creation with the world. In an interview with Makeba Giles from Faith, Health and Home, Trae commented on the success of his new sandwich:

“And when he was opening the restaurant, he was like, “Man, we got to have something that ties into you. Why don’t we make your sandwich, and we just call it ‘Tha Truth’, allowing people to experience stuff that I do for you at your house, and that’s your personal item.”

“Even at first, I was doing it out of love. I didn’t get anything from it, just supporting them, and then they were like, “Well, man, we want to start out giving back the way you do, so a portion of the proceeds we’re going to give to you.”

The Trae the Truth Swamp chicken sandwich sells for $10.50. Of the proceeds, $1.50 goes to Angel By Nature, a branch of Trae’s main Non-Profit Relief Gang. The organization supports families and children with food and toys and recently did a Turkey Giveaway for Thanksgiving.

The Trae the Truth Swamp Chicken sandwich is the latest in a recent battle for fried chicken fans. On August 2019, Popeye’s changed the fast food game forever with the release of their chicken sandwich. People lined up for hours to get a taste of the greasy burger, which led to a man stabbing and killing another for cutting in line.   No to mention, the sandwich has also sparked some great social media entertainment: see video here.