Lil Jairmy raps 'AntiSocial' surrounded by his neighborhood friends, Crip Gang, Gas Gang members

Lil Jairmy raps ‘AntiSocial’ surrounded by his neighborhood friends, Crip Gang, Gas Gang members

Here is a new Texas rap star, that is on fire.  His lyrics and message are heart felt. Every rapper does not deliver the emotion of music as this kid.   Here’s the new Lil Jairmy “Anti Social” music video.

Houston Texas Crips

It’s apparent LJ’s been through some things, judging by lyrics of his music.    Constantly discussing street politics, his ties to the Crip gang of Houston are apparent.   In recent years, some of his close associates have been immortalized in the blog world, as news of their death was shared everywhere.   Rappers BG Kenny Lou and Ghost Magneto were two Crips associated to Jairmy murdered in the past few years. Outside of rap, even more associates were shot and killed in the streets of Texas, part of what many viewed as a small massacre.

Seeing such death, it’s sure Lil Jairmy has a lot on his soul to share.   An era of the streets of Houston, Texas will really be shared through this gifted young emcee.  Others may talk the talk, but this kid got some battle scars on his heart from a real-time war.  For those reasons,  ElevatorMagazine ranks him a rapper to watch.


Pressure: Lil Jairmy raps about a situation where a gun was too his head in new song, Antisocial

Lil Jairmy “AntiSocial” video

The new rap visual featured on CKHiD is one of several releases the rapper has made in recent years. However, this single has a stronger buzz.   Released July 19th (2019), it has amassed over 300k views. People are sharing it around Facebook and twitter. A lot of speculations going on too about him addressing street politics that people in Houston are well aware of, in the back alleyways.

The setting for the music video is simply his neighborhood.  Jairmy performs the ‘AntiSocial” song surrounded by his ‘Scooters,’ the Gas Gang.   However, he lets viewers know he is under a lot of pressure with the visual too. At other points of the video, the rapper performs the lyrics while someone has a gun to his head.

Watch the official Lil Jairmy “Antisocial” rap video below on CKHiD. This might be the next big star from the Texas Hip-hop scene.