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Lil Jairmy performs 'Street Luv' rap song in front of Houston projects (apartments)

Lil Jairmy performs ‘Street Luv’ rap song in front of Houston projects (apartments)

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This is possibly the best thing smoking on the Texas rap scene right now. Very much appreciated, a new trap n’ soul visual from Lil Jairmy.   The emcee that’s been bleeding his soul onto new tracks, it appears he’s got the vapors to lead his “Gas Gang” forward. An official video for his buzzing single, “Street Luv” was just released.


Coming Soon Restating the thesis of his music, Jairmy is still leaving the scars of his soul and street battles on rap tunes.  Because he knows ‘it’s all on him,’ the former protege of deceased Gas Gang rapper BG Kenny Lou is working harder than ever. As of now, it’s his job to hold the team flag high. His growth from 10k views averages to now closing in on half-a-million, is a testament to the idea great music shall rise.


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Official Lil Jairmy “Street Luv” video

In the new video,  much like ‘AntiSocial,’ LJ keeps his cameras pointed to his neighborhood.  More of the gang is showing up to the shoot now that’s he’s more famous. It appears the the theme of this visual is just to catch the normal, everyday life of the Houston Crip and his ‘Scooters.’     He shows what it’s like to be famous in his neighborhood.  And digging deeper, Jairmy also shows the activities that go on in it. Girls twerking, Crips waving the flag, people representing the 3rd Ward, tricked out cars, self medicating friends, and more is shown in the new visual.

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