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LilJaySoicy and Stunna 4 Vegas in "Blitz" rap music video

LilJaySoicy and Stunna 4 Vegas in “Blitz” rap music video


Something new from Billion Dollar Baby entertainment, the hottest record label in the world right now.     “The hottest youngin in the world,” as rapper DaBaby calls him, seems to be putting rappers on at the moment, giving features.     Stunna 4 Vegas teamed up with Rap-A-Lot’s new artist b for a single titled “Blitz,” which has caught fire in the streets. Down south gangsta rap at it’s finest, Stunna & Rich Dunk have been feeding the hardcore audience through BDB’s label.   Now the official “Blitz” music video has been launched, ready to do numbers (views).

Who is LilJaySoicy?

According to Elevator Magazine, he’s a new rapper from Houston, Texas.  He dropped a 5-song EP titled “Fishscale Airlines” last year, 2018.  Posted on Soundcloud , in generated a little buzz and a decent fan base. After his  streaming numbers were seen, the rapper went into ‘grindmode,’ as Nipsey Hussle would call it.  LilJay started posting music on the web consistently afterwards.  The numbers continued to increase and ended up winning the attention of Rap-A-Lot records, with whom he signed.

LilJaySoIcy and Stunna 4 Vegas behind the scenes of "Blitz" rap video

LilJaySoIcy and Stunna 4 Vegas behind the scenes of “Blitz” rap video


His style of rap ranges but earlier song such as “Dialogue” and “Inspector Gadget” featured the teenager delivering a raspy whisper-toned flow.    On the single “Best Dressed” he’s more melodic, singing in auto-tune.  And last, in the new track “Blitz,” he gives his original raspy-whispers flow but also gets just a loud as Stunna.

Views & Streams..

The official “Blitz” music video was released on August 20th (2018) via WorldStarHipHop’s YouTube channel.  In less than 24 hours it has amassed 41,737 views.  Numbers are sure to grow rapidly as Stunna’s social media fan base catch wind however. On instagram alone, he has 826k followers.  LilJaySoIcy is far from reaching his peak on social media, with just under 8k followers on his instagram (@LilJaySoIcy).

Watch the official “Blitz” rap video beneath on CKHiD.