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LilJaySoicy and Stunna 4 Vegas in "Blitz" rap music video

Coming Soon LilJaySoicy and Stunna 4 Vegas in “Blitz” rap music video

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Something new from Billion Dollar Baby entertainment, the hottest record label in the world right now.     “The hottest youngin in the world,” as rapper DaBaby calls him, seems to be putting rappers on at the moment, giving features.     Stunna 4 Vegas teamed up with Rap-A-Lot’s new artist b for a single titled “Blitz,” which has caught fire in the streets. Down south gangsta rap at it’s finest, Stunna & Rich Dunk have been feeding the hardcore audience through BDB’s label.   Now the official “Blitz” music video has been launched, ready to do numbers (views).

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