Master P and Young Jeezy in "Gone" rap music video

Master P and Young Jeezy in “Gone” rap music video

Here are two powerhouse rappers from the south, that changed the game in their youth, but still living to push the hustle.  New Orleans and Atlanta merge for this new joint, “Gone.”   No Limit boss Master P and Motivator, Young Jeezy, lit up the streets of ‘the Boot’ to  give fans a lit visual of the community & culture from which they game.   Two legends together, lets see how much of a wave this official “Gone” music video creates.

The director & video plot

Gabriel Hart aka ‘video+God” took care of the visuals for the Ice Cream Man and Snowman.    Within this rap video you see flashes of ‘riches’ and more so, Jeezy motivating the streets on the set of the video.  People turn up with the “And Then What” rapper, as he performs his verse.

For the hook of the song, P and Jizzle cruise the streets in a real Hummer, not the commercial kind that aren’t as rugged.    Hanging out the door, Jeezy performs the hook as Master P drives. The two park the car for other close up shots.

The 3 Girls though!

It’s rare you get to see some Egyptian Goddess level eye candy in music videos these days but Master P brought the flavor.   The video vixens in this music video are all 100% black, from the poppin melanin to the ‘boom-bap-kapow’ bodies.  It definitely looks like P appreciated their company on set.  The Rap veteran is showing what many aspire to be at age 40, rich and enjoying the fruits of labor.

Master P watching the video models in "Gone" Music video do their twerk dance routine

Master P watching the video models in “Gone” Music video do their twerk dance routine

The names of these 3 video vixens is unknown.  If found, it will be shared here on CKHiD. Leave a comment if you know them readers.

Views on YouTube

This video was released on August 23rd.   Incredibly, it only has about 91,000 views to date.  Two legends of this level should not be under 1-million views but Hip-Hop culture tends to overlook what is not pushed in their face via paid promotions.  Jeezy and Master P are indepedent grinders.   The numbers are sure to grow in time however as the No Limit YouTube channel is growing, just touching 111k subscribers recently.

If a fan of the Snowman and Ice Cream man, share the post. Put the word out. This track is legendary.  Watch the Gabriel Hart directed video below: