Key Glock x Young Dolph "Water on Water" music video set, the same as Bryson Tiller "Runnin Me Dry" video set

Key Glock x Young Dolph “Water on Water” music video set, the same as Bryson Tiller “Runnin Me Dry” video set


It looks like the tag team Memphis Duo from PRE is having a lot of fun with their new project, Dumb and Dumber.   Young Dolph and Key Glock just released another rap video from the project.    It’s truly a dope piece that gives visuals of Black babes, elite fashions and heavy drip,  dancing on dangerous water creatures, and more.     If you have never seen a dolphin swimming in sand, turn on this new music video, Water On Water.

It’s good to see Young Dolph and Key Glock working together.   The two both had a lot of issues with Police before committing themselves to the rap music.  Even after that,  YD got shot in California and shot at, in North Carolina. His life’s become a symbol of G

Beautiful Black Women

It has to be noted. In an era where many rappers seem to love placing women not from their own community in their music videos, it must be said that Young Dolph and Key Glock took a stand.   Hip-Hop culture’s been invaded by looters and many women, who never loved Urban men, simply come to the culture to Gold dig on a rest haven.     It looks like  Dolph an Key are keeping it 100,   showing that the Urban community has beauty within.   Over a dozen bodacious black women of all types are shown through out the video ranging from vixens to talented dancers.

This is not the first time Dolph’s represented for the Hip-Hop culture community like this.  As any fan should know, “Royalty” was very similar in nature, featuring the most exotic Black women features to be found.

Views and Plays

This video is def grabbing the attention of the masses organically.  While dolph only has 848K subscribers on YouTube, this video has already topped 1.9-million views on the video streaming site.   Most rappers do not reach the same amount of views as their subscriber count,  going by a recent CKHiD study.  Such signs of growth are an indicator of a visual possibly going above-the-norm viral.

side note: Anybody else notice, this Dolph “Water on Water” video looks like the same video set as Bryson Tiller “Run me Dry