Atlanta rapper Young Thug sits back as two dancers twerk on him

Atlanta rapper Young Thug sits back as two dancers twerk on him

New music video alert!  Here’s an unlikely combination or a new song as well.   Young Thug, J.Cole, and Travis Scott linked up for the new tune “The London.”  The single drove buzz and now the official video has arrived.  It was posted on YouTube August 1st.

The Storyline

“The London” music video is an artistic visual.  It is not really something one can follow easy as it has no ‘story line’.   The idea behind it appears to be the trio swinging through a swanky hotel, performing their verses in places of comfort.  Travis Scott is with a friend counting money in a money machine.  Young Thug performs while getting lap dances from 2 very well endowed strippers.   J.Cole slides through to perform his verse in what appears to be the kitchen area, luxury less and more focused on delivery of his rhymes

The fashions of the video on Young Thug are notable.  One of the most influential rappers from Atlanta and in rap in general this decade, his style in the video is definitely high end and different.

The views

To date, this video “The London” has just over 3.3-million views on YouTube.   Its a few hundred thousand short of reaching the total number of subscribes on Thugga Thugga’s channel, which is 3.7-milion.  Watch the new rap video below.