GmacCash in "Black Forces" comedy rap video, a new social media star

GmacCash in “Black Forces” comedy rap video, a new social media star


There are certain experiences that happen in Urban America that are subtle and only known if you grew up in Urbanized America.  Denzel Washington might calls this, ‘culture.’ It’s an experience people who grew up in similar manors can relate and many times laugh, when talking about the ‘flaws’ within.   Here’s a new comedy rap video from social media star GmacCash, that is sure to make ‘the culture have a fast jiggle of the ribs.

What’s about Black Air Force 1s?

For those who never grew up in the Black nor Urban American experience,  this may be miniscule. However, it is somewhat of a fact to many who grew up in this subculture of the United States, white Nike Air Force 1s are the trendy & clean sneaker.  The Black forces are usually something reserved for people who either don’t want to spend a lot of money on shoes and want something to age longer. This, along with the dusty dude who’s always just getting into some sh-t, that requires shoes that won’t show dirt.

People wear black Nike Air Forces a lot longer than your typical shoe because the color just appears newer and cleaner for a longer period.  So long in fact, you can forget how long you actually had shoe. However, the people watching you will not. At least not in Urban America. In the hood, they know you by your car and shoes you keep.

Who is GmacCash

The artist behind this “Black Air Force 1s” comedy rap video is GmacCash.  He is a fast-growing social media star who has gained 37,000 followers in recent months.  The instagram of this Black Social media celeb has become his most relevant source of entertainment with comedy raps about mosquitos, fashion, and more. Follow him on ig @GmacCash.

Watch the new comedy rap video, “Black Forces” below on CKHiD.