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Moses West, inventor of the Atmospheric Water Generation machines

Moses West, inventor of the Atmospheric Water Generation machines

One man invented a machine that can extract water from the air. Now, he wants to take this technology and help those in the Bahamas with it. Recently, Hurricane Dorian and more tropical storms have swept through their way through the Carribbean. Island nations face trouble accessing clean water, due to oceanic pollution. Moses West is a black man from San Antonio, Texas, and he has a solution to these issues. He has helped Flint, Michigan, Puerto Rico, and more – and now he wants to head to the Bahamas. His plan to do so will utilize a device of his own invention. These Atmospheric Water Generation machines could provide water to millions if they become widely available.

The Science Is Simple, But the Issue is Complicated

West’s device takes very simple scientific principles and (pardon the pun) boils them down to fresh drinking water. In fact, the entire process is summed up in the name of his invention. By extracting condensing water from the air on a large scale, West’s devices are able to harvest clean, non-polluted water instantly. This water is collected and stored in clean, stable conditions. It can then be siphoned out into water receptacles that those in need have handy. Photos from areas ravaged by storm or without access to drinking water show West siphoning out water into recycled gallon jugs, bottles, and buckets.

The problem with West’s endeavors finding success is that currently, he is operating out of his own pockets. The generators he has developed for water extraction are the only ones of their kind. Currently, they can only be used for one project at a time. This can make things difficult for the retired Army captain, whose goal is to help as many people in as many places as possible. Currently, his foundation is accepting donations in order to construct multiple sets of generators. With multiple sets of generators, West could utilize Atmospheric Water Generation machines wherever clean water is needed – or at least, in more places than he currently can.

West Founds Water Rescue Foundation

In 2017, the former military member decided he had to give back to poor communities by founding his own organization dedicated to helping them. Now, the Water Rescue Foundation provides clean drinking water to communities in need from all over the world. Although so far, the foundation has only provided clean water to people in Flint, Michigan and Puerto Rico, West is determined to keep bringing sustainably sourced water to other global locations. On his Instagram, West is seen taking a casual selfie, and posting the following caption:

“Just in case anyone had a thought that I was slipping off for a holiday, I’m in the shop working. I’ve started the redesigning of a special water production unit for Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and any location that needs water where the air temperature and humidity permit. The new units are something special and I look forward to getting them out to you as soon as I can. I am a very hands on person when it comes to designing my water generators. I wish everyone the best and I’ll be back in the field soon… See you then!”

As is, the Water Rescue Foundation operates on an independent level. Their website makes a point of listing their mission statement and goals, which are currently in a state of limbo. “The mission of The Water Rescue Foundation™ is to help those less fortunate in their time of need by providing clean and safe drinking water using advanced atmospheric water generation technology.”

While the WRF would like to bring West’s advanced inventions to places that need it, the foundation currently lacks the funds to do so. In order to generate the liquidity to achieve these goals, the foundation is currently asking for help from those willing to give. At this point in time, many places aren’t receiving help from governmental agencies. Flint is a primary example: the city hasn’t had access to clean drinking water for years. The fact that people still live there at all is entirely due to the efforts of people like Moses West.

What’s Needed to Ensure Success

At this point in time, the Water Rescue Foundation needs $250,000 to provide Atmospheric Water Generation machines to the Bahamas. Considering their lofty goals of providing those people with drinkable water, this is not a very high number. However, the movement driving donations has stagnated somewhat since September, when Dorian hit. However, Dorian’s effects are still being felt today. There are still some areas that are struggling to return to their previous levels of success. Additionally, many nations could benefit from West’s technology. Hopefully, his foundation is able to reach its goal, and his invention will be allowed to thrive. If not, then many places might have the same fate as Flint before he went there – stagnation.