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Blacc Zacc, the Richest Rapper in SC

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gainfully ivermectin cattle dewormer Keep it real.  It’s a simple phrase that seem to escape the lifestyle of many people.  However, here’s a visual that’s exactly that. SCMG has released the official Blacc Zacc “Richest Rapper in SC” video.

peerlessly ivermectin south africa petition Not just any piece of film, this captures a rapper’s life at a particular moment.

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Blacc Zacc “Richest Rapper in SC”

Doma speed gaming slot BZ is making a big statement with his new single. A  few people from the state of South Carolina have claimed they have a bag, but Zacc’s saying none compare to his.  Hip-Hop’s always been a competitive sport but when talking luxury, you have to show up or get out.

In this visual, Blacc Zacc starts off by simply counting up his ‘back end’ from a show and smiling.   From there the ‘RRISC’ video progresses into clips of his performing in New York City and walking the streets. Along with that, some business & politicking with fellow rapper, Snapp Dogg.

Diamonds are shining on the neck, hands, and ears.   Thousands of dollars are in hand. The work is being performed.       All the signs of success are in displayed.


Views and Streams

The “Richest Rapper in SC” rap video was officially released April 23rd (2019).  To date, it’s got a few hundred thousand views. This trap music flick is sure to grow in coming months however as BZ continues to tour across America with South Coast Music Group & DaBaby.